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 Kyoto Ethernoroi (COMPLETE)

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PostSubject: Kyoto Ethernoroi (COMPLETE)   Sun Aug 10, 2014 9:57 am

Basic Information

Name Kyoto Ethernoroi

Nickname/Alias Affectionately known as Stormy or Gale to his friends and Pokemon, but has been called a lot of derogatory names such as ‘Freak’, ‘Mutant’, and so on.

Age 17

Gender Male

Trainer Type Tamer/Other-destined (Mainly Tamer)

Birthplace Unova, Castelia City

Physical Information

Tall and wiry would be good words to describe him. One would also say he’s very light, to the point where he might be undernourished. This probably is true to some point. His messy dark hair now has a tinge of icy blue, and goes down to the bottom of his neck, with a feathery texture. His face is angular and sharp and small, with high, but not prominent cheekbones, making him surprisingly attractive. Thick eyelashes frame his once brown eyes- they are now icy blue, with specks of brown poking out. He also has ear piercings, but just a simple stud in each ear. His pale skin looks a bit unhealthy and is cold to the touch.

Of course, the most noticeable thing about him would be the large, ice blue wings sprouting from his back. They overshadow him easily, about 2m in height, with the wingspan 5m from tip to tip. He keeps them firmly folded on his back. They’re feathered and look a bit like the wings of an Articuno.


Common Attire
No matter the weather, Kyoto is always going to wear something that’s either short-sleeved, stylish, or to his interests. He always wears a thin T-shirt underneath, which sticks to his shape, and has holes ripped in the back. He has a huge love for steampunk, and therefore, around his neck is a set of aviator goggles, made out of a lightweight metal which he likes to wear. Following from this, he always wears a silver chain necklace and fingerless gloves. On top of that, he would either wear shorts or trousers. His choice of footwear are trainers. On his right ring finger is a small platinum ring. The bottom bit of the ring has three triangle-like gems poking out, and the top has another triangle, opposite the middle gem. The two outer gems seem to be some sort of garnets and the inner ones some gold thing.

Then, it would depend on the weather. If it was cold, he would wear a scarf and a large coat (Not that he feels the cold, but he likes to use any excuse for an addition in his attire. The coat, with slits cut in the back.). If it was hot, he would probably grab a sunhat and sunglasses (And spend the rest of the day inside). If it was raining, he would wear a overlarge yellow raincoat (To shelter his wings), and if it was windy, or if he was going into a place with a lot of people, he would wear a black hooded cloak.
Formal Wear
His formal wear… It’s a silver jacket (He also has a tailcoat of the same colour), a chequered-with-black white tie, with a black cuffed shirt and silver-greyish trousers. He also exchanges his trainers for black shoes. So it’s basically this.

Personality and Traits

Trickster- Mainly appearing as quite a grouchy person when someone first meets him, his attitude changes to slightly irritated at your presence the longer you stick there. (The reason for this being his wings- it hurts when he has to fold them for long periods of time.) Although, he does have a lot of respect for elders but not for rules. He’s also a great liar- he lies mainly to get past a situation or to protect himself. Despite not being the sort of manipulative person, sometimes his thoughts and actions give out a manipulative vibe, though he himself is not aware of it, being quite oblivious. He also likes pranking people. A lot. It’s sometimes for laughs and sometimes for revenge. On the subject of revenge, if you break his trust, which is not easily earned, he doesn’t really forgive you. His patience is not to be tested either- though he can be very patient at times, inquisitive people irritate him (He may be a slight hypocrite on this one.). Ask him about which way he swings (ie. His sexuality), and he goes bright red and refuses to talk. He’s also somewhat uncomfortable with girls flirting with him, which they do a lot.

Silence- A quiet person, he doesn’t speak much. In public or in private. In groups, he’s usually the listener, unless he has to talk- which then he does. He’s actually quite observant in general, often noticing small things about the person who’s talking. Coupled with his suspicious nature, this makes him quite shrewd. Ask him for a favor, he’ll often do as you say, though he always listens to his instincts when he does so. Though he pretends he doesn’t really care much about what people think of him, he’s liable to change his opinion if a friend disagrees with it, and so on. He’s too wary of people’s boundaries- if they don’t like him in general (When he does like them) he tries to change his personality to something they like. He’s much too harsh on himself- he wants himself to be perfect, and always tries to correct his flaws. This makes him self-loathing. The insults over the years hasn’t helped with his self-esteem either. He also becomes much more vulnerable he trusts dearly- he will tend to blurt out his issues with them. He’s also quite adorable in this state and is extremely clingy and huggy. His mood swings are very sharp and he is very possessive.

Secrets- The one thing Kyoto values more than anything else are secrets. He has learned not to disclose them- if you tell him a secret, he will always keep it. That, and the fact he has more secrets than anyone else. He also has a tendency to get lost in his own world, especially when drawing.


Power: Flight Feathers-  His wings are large enough to allow him to fly.
Power: Illusion- He can cast a small illusion to hide his wings, and to make him seem like a normal person.
Strength: Mystic Whisperer- He can understand Dark, Ghost and Dragon-type Pokemon very well, to the point where he can understand their intentions, due to living in a big haunted zoo mansion-thing when he was little (No, he can’t talk to them. It’s just that he understands them very well.)
Strength: Subzero-  Lower body temperature. This can be either a good thing or a bad thing, but he doesn’t feel the cold any more.
Strength: Agility- Faster than most people.


Power: Stamina Drainage-  He tends to be thinner and lighter than most, and needs more food to survive, due to burning out a lot of energy by flying. There’s also all the hate towards him and other stuff. This also means an electric shock would damage him greatly.
Power: Shattered Disguise-  It drains his energy slightly and as soon as someone becomes aware of his wings (ie. Touching them, feeling them, seeing him fly), the illusion is shattered.
Weakness: Subzero- He also has a lower body temperature than normal people- this means that he can’t stand high temperatures and tends to avoid fire-type Pokemon like hell.
Weakness: Small Spaces- Claustrophobic. Also afraid of being in crowded places.
Weakness: Under Lock and Key- He can’t tell anyone his secrets. He also doesn’t trust anyone. So basically, he’s naturally suspicious to the point where he doesn’t trust people to keep his secrets.

Striving Goal
To meet a legendary (preferably Giratina) in the flesh, and possibly find out the answers to his own past and tame it.

Greatest Fear
That everyone will find out his deepest darkest secrets and hate him for it. Despite disliking too much people, there’s always a part of him that yearns for people to treat him as normal, and so he pretends.

Path of Origins




Giratina: Hello, I go by Giratina, Noya or Kea!

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PostSubject: Re: Kyoto Ethernoroi (COMPLETE)   Mon Aug 18, 2014 3:31 pm

Your app was a wonderful read. Approved~

Now, wouldn't it be interesting if I pulled your strings?

Caught a Dark or Light Pokemon? PM me and I'll be happy to get a 3D model altered and made for you ;3

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PostSubject: Re: Kyoto Ethernoroi (COMPLETE)   Mon Aug 18, 2014 3:50 pm

Thank you :3

Also: breadsticks, cake and lollipops... I think?  Lol it's nagging at me My memory is rubbish hehe

Edit: wait, did I tell you this before? My apologies.

Giratina: Hello, I go by Giratina, Noya or Kea!
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PostSubject: Re: Kyoto Ethernoroi (COMPLETE)   

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Kyoto Ethernoroi (COMPLETE)
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