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List of Staff Members

For information about staff positions as well as the method of applying for staff, feel free to visit this thread.

-List currently under renovation-
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 Staff List and Applications

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Staff List and Applications Empty
PostSubject: Staff List and Applications   Staff List and Applications EmptySat Jun 07, 2014 8:39 pm

This thread contains a list of all of our active staff members as well as the functions of each working category. At the bottom, there's a little coded section containing the staff application. Simply fill it out and private message it to an administrator for staff discussion ^^

I'll also work on pretty-ing up this thread eventually.


Administrators are the core enforcers of rules and managers of the forum. They control pretty much everything: they can moderate, alter the forum itself, and handle anything in relation to the mysterious and foreboding admin control panel. They also are the ones that handle the reports, probation, and banning of members who break the rules. After fair discussion and evidence is presented, of course. They are the reigning authority in any situation that arises, and should be consulted if you're having any sort of problems either with registration, other members, etc. Most Administrators also roleplay mod, though some may not.

Current Administrators:



Moderators are in charge of not only keeping an eye on topics so that they don't break the rules, but also managing the various shops and roleplay threads. Most Mods have preferences toward one of these tasks, but they should all manage them. Every Mod is allowed their own personal topic limit for moderation, as well as a steady amount of time and posts that they will make each day, it will all most likely vary. If you're having a problem on the forum that does not involve registration, banning, or other technical things, you should run it past a Mod before consulting an Admin. Usually they will be happy to answer any questions and solve any questions you may have.

Current Moderators:


Chatbox Moderators

All staff listed above are also considered chatbox moderators, but this is still a class of its own. Members who frequent the chat and maintain a positive, rule-knowing/abiding attitude. They're always active on the chat and making sure things don't get... too out of hand. It is important to note that some Chatbox Moderators may not have Mod permissions or the ability to moderate topics, so you should always consult this list before asking someone to mod you from the chat!

Current Chatbox Moderators:



Designers are a special class of staff that handle all of the images and such on the forum. From making a special banner, to improving what's currently in place, they handle all things visual! They, too, have access to the staff discussion section, and though they don't moderate, they're still welcome and important members of the staff. Of course, a member can be a Designer as well as Chatbox Moderator/Moderator, they don't have to choose between the positions.

Current Designers:


Now, we're always accepting staff applications, though not necessarily hiring staff. Currently though, there isn't much need for staff, but discussions on applicants for reserve are open~ It is important that all staff applicants are familiar with the rules and systems of the site. If they are not, their application will be ignored.


Remember to send this through PM to an Admin!
[b]Join Date:[/b]
[b]Hours Spent Online:[/b]
[b]Familiar with Rules and Systems?[/b] (Please put a yes here, if you are sure you've read through all of the important threads!)
[b]Position(s) Applied For:[/b] (All are available except Admin positions at this time)
[b]Experience:[/b] (Provide any prior staff or designing experience as well as any link to such sources for verification, which will be done randomly.)
[b]Examples:[/b] (Link to or provide within a spoiler some examples of things pertaining to the position applied for. Designers can provide art and design things they've made, while Moderators could provide writing examples. This isn't necessary for Chatbox Mod applicants.)
[b]Other:[/b] (If you'd like to add anything else to the application, go for it~ If not, just leave this area blank.)

Now, wouldn't it be interesting if I pulled your strings?

Caught a Dark or Light Pokemon? PM me and I'll be happy to get a 3D model altered and made for you ;3

Staff List and Applications Avaritiasig_zpsf6e3d932
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Staff List and Applications
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