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 Legacies is Live~!

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Legacies is Live~! Empty
PostSubject: Legacies is Live~!   Legacies is Live~! EmptyMon Jun 16, 2014 11:04 am

This announcement is here to announce the official opening of the site. Advertising in various places have begun, and all systems, shops, and such that were from Darkness have been transferred here- with improvements! There are still a few things that need to be done by me right around here, but I'd like member input as well!

One of the biggest things needed are wigits. This place is pretty barren without them, and I'm planning on adding them soon. So, I want to ask you guys: what wigits do you want to see? Just post below and I'll see what I can do!

Wigits going to be added; (?) - means it may not be:

-User Information
-Staff list and link to staff info/application topic
-Important links
-Random number generator
-Encounter rates for special Pokemon
-Recent topics (?)
-User suggested wigits (?)

I also want to get a topic/member/character of the month thing going, as well as get the incentive events up and running. But again, I want some member input! This site is for you guys, so you guys get a say in things as well. What would you like to see implemented in such a new site? I'm open to all suggestions both in this topic, or if they have more length to them, in the Suggestions section! I eagerly await what you guys come up with.

Best regards, and happy RPing,


Now, wouldn't it be interesting if I pulled your strings?

Caught a Dark or Light Pokemon? PM me and I'll be happy to get a 3D model altered and made for you ;3

Legacies is Live~! Avaritiasig_zpsf6e3d932
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Legacies is Live~!
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