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 Roleplay Rules

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PostSubject: Roleplay Rules   Roleplay Rules EmptySun May 25, 2014 9:32 pm

Currently, these are a WIP and are subject to change. Because of this, be sure to check back if any update notification is posted below.

<----General Rules---->

  • Be courteous to your fellow roleplayers and the staff.
  • Moderator actions should not be argued, especially if they didn't give you what you wanted. Don't argue with a staff decision. If you believe a Mod is purposefully spiting you by acting different than they've been in similar topics, the report process is a great thing to go through. Don't start a fight or you'll be the one punished- not them.
  • There will be no harassment, malicious criticism, or flaming of another member's posting, threads, or characters.
  • Be familiar with all of the roleplay systems. This is a must.

<----Character Rules---->

  • You may create an unlimited amount of characters on this site, so long as you can keep track of all of them!
  • Your characters can only be in one thread at a time. This is known as linear time, and because of the lack of a character limit, what will be practiced here. There are events of liquid time, such as event competitions, but character threads must be made one at a time.
  • If you're reading this, then please PM me with the word 'cake' for a reward.
  • Keep a link to all of your approved characters in your signature.
  • Even if a created character meets all minimum requirements, the staff does hold a right to deny them. Just because your character follows the guidelines, it doesn't mean they will be approved. If a staff member feels that a character is too much of a Mary Sue or overpowered, they can deny them. You can, of course, appeal the decision to an Administrator.

<----Posting Rules---->

  • One-liners aren't tolerated and are never okay. There will always be enough content to post a decent amount of text. We don't have a text limit here, but try to aim for at least a paragraph.
  • Just as in all of the forum, text speak (such as lol and brb) and l33t speak (such as gr8) aren't allowed. Follow all proper spelling and grammar as thoroughly as possible.
  • Clearly mark when you exit a topic. Don't just assume the others within it can tell if you're truly leaving or not. Using [EXIT] after your post is an excellent method. It's a courtesy for anyone looking to join a thread or for those you were traveling with.
  • There will be no godmodding (sometimes shortened to GMing) or bunnying whatsoever.
  • Respect the wishes of the thread creator. All topics are considered open unless otherwise stated, but it can always be a good idea to check with the creator of the thread if you can join beforehand. If there are tags such as [Private] or [Closed], don't join them without permission. Similarly, if a topic creator asks you to leave their thread if you've joined without their consent under the assumption that it was open, respectfully do as asked. There will be other topics to join.
  • Out of character (OoC) talk is okay so long as it's relevant to the thread. Overuse of it, however, isn't okay. Please make it very obvious that it's OoC by using something like parentheses or brackets.  

Now, wouldn't it be interesting if I pulled your strings?

Caught a Dark or Light Pokemon? PM me and I'll be happy to get a 3D model altered and made for you ;3

Roleplay Rules Avaritiasig_zpsf6e3d932
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Roleplay Rules
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