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 FluffyBunnies Art Shop

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PostSubject: FluffyBunnies Art Shop   FluffyBunnies Art Shop EmptyMon Jun 30, 2014 1:54 pm

It is possible to pay with either PokeDollars or Tokens. Since PokeDollars is more available than Tokens it will be more expensive if you decide to pay with them.

Trainer Sprite -  FluffyBunnies Art Shop 581637938 100 or 5 Tokens
Trainer Sprite + 1 Pokemon -  FluffyBunnies Art Shop 581637938 250 or 10 Tokens (Every extra Pokemon will be an extra  FluffyBunnies Art Shop 581637938 50 or 2 Tokens)
Trainer Card -  FluffyBunnies Art Shop 581637938 500 or 20 Tokens (If you want to update a current Trainer Card it will be  FluffyBunnies Art Shop 581637938 100 or 5 Tokens)
Banner (Regular Size) -  FluffyBunnies Art Shop 581637938 500 or 20 Tokens
Banner (Large Size) -  FluffyBunnies Art Shop 581637938 1,000 or 40 Tokens
Avatar -  FluffyBunnies Art Shop 581637938 750 or 35 Tokens

These prices can be haggled, you can offer up unwanted items or even a combination of Tokens and PokeDollars.

The code for a request is down below, please fill it out as best as possible.

[b]Name:[/b] Your name for convenience sake
[b]Type of Artwork:[/b] The type of artwork you want, you can request something not on the list such as a re-colour of a Pokemon sprite or a splice, if you do request something not on the list you may offer up a price in your request
[b]Image Reference:[/b] If there is a particular image you want me to use or base the artwork off of link to it here
[b]Colour Scheme:[/b] Is there a particular theme or colour scheme you want me to use
[b]Other Information:[/b] Anything else I need to know, font type, what you want written out etc

Please credit me if possible when you use my work, thank you. :3

Some examples, including the two Banners so you know the size differences between Regular and Large.

Examples/Completed Requests:

Request Posts will be deleted once complete to keep this place neat and tidy.

FluffyBunnies Art Shop Clover10
Clover Brackleston

Aubrey Brothers; Jonathan | FF4500 Simon | B0E0E6 Andrew | 00FFFF Christopher | FF1493

Sprites made by me. Visit my Arty Shop!

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FluffyBunnies Art Shop
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