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 ~Trainer Types~

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PostSubject: ~Trainer Types~   ~Trainer Types~ EmptyThu May 29, 2014 11:10 am

If you're still having any sort of trouble deciding what type of trainer you want to create, here's a brief synopsis of each type currently available. Keep in mind that we may release a new trainer type at some point in time, so this can be updated in the future.

~Trainer Types~ 133Pokemon Trainer~Trainer Types~ 133
The most common and wide spread trainer type out there. They believe in catching 'em all and battling it out until they become champion. They mainly focus on battles, but that doesn't mean they can't occasionally try something new, like breeding. If you aren't sure what trainer type to create first, then this is probably the best choice. There are two main goals a typical trainer has: becoming the Champion of a region by defeating the Elite Four, and filling the Pokedex by travelling the world and meeting and catching Pokemon.

~Trainer Types~ 132Breeder~Trainer Types~ 132
Breeders focus less on battling and more on raising and breeding Pokemon. They are usually very good at grooming and keeping Pokemon happy, while also making a very good PokeFood. Though they can train in the occasional battle, they usually don't enter in leagues or competitions. They are excellent travel companions, and can save a trip to a Pokemon Center after a harsh battle. Their main goal is to breed Pokemon, some for a profit, some for the enjoyment of it. They may sell their bred eggs at the Egg Market, or be hired out to breed other people's Pokemon. Though all people can try their hand at breeding, Breeders are by-far the most successful at it.

~Trainer Types~ 081Researcher~Trainer Types~ 081
Researchers are an interesting group. They are the professors and scientists of the Pokemon world, and don't have specified goals like the previous classes. Instead, they focus on some sort of research, and pursue that field. So if you are studying evolution, you would probably evolve Pokemon often, but if you studied the effect of certain berries, you would probably focus more on gathering natural foods, and seeing their effects. This group is a little more laid back in definition compared to the others, but it's also a wonderful choice for an ambitious trainer starting their journey. A Researcher strives to become a professor themselves, and often becomes apprenticed to one of the professors within the Pokemon regions, performing tasks for their mentors and exploring new possibilities in their research field. If something new is discovered in the regions, it's most likely a dedicated Researcher who found it!

~Trainer Types~ 431Coordinator~Trainer Types~ 431
Coordinators are trainers who don't want to compete in Gym battles and collect badges, but instead compete in Contests to gather ribbons. Their life is usually more laid back than that of a trainer. They love focusing on the beauty of their Pokemon, both their moves and appearance. This is also a great choice for a first trainer, and also offers a wonderful alternative to battling Gym Leaders. Their aim is to become Top Coordinator in a region that offers contests. Of course, the other regions offer competitions of their own for others to enjoy, and Coordinators often frequent Pokathalons and Musicals as well.

~Trainer Types~ 443Tamer~Trainer Types~ 443
Tamers are another type of trainer. Instead of simply catching any Pokemon they want, they focus on the strongest and defiant ones, such as powerful dragons. They love the challenge and thrill of working toward the obedience of their Pokemon, and train them until they are very powerful. Some say they're also generally cold toward other people and Pokemon, but it could just be a stereotype of their lifestyle. They aim to tame even the most defiant of Pokemon, and often work with Hunters if they're looking to make a profit. The Hunter tracks and catches the Pokemon, while it is then traded to the Tamer to then tame and sell in the Pokemon Market. Because tamed Pokemon make a much greater profit than the newly caught Pokemon, both trainers can make a profit of the money.

~Trainer Types~ 291Specialist~Trainer Types~ 291
These are trainers that only use a certain theme when capturing and training Pokemon. It's usually a certain type, such as Dark, but it can be more creative, such as only feline Pokemon. These trainers rarely deviate from their theme and pride themselves in sticking to their themes. Generally, they can be very stubborn and picky trainers. Though their classification is Specialist, they could be a Trainer or Coordinator as a main path.

~Trainer Types~ 228Hunter~Trainer Types~ 228
Hunters are trainers that track and capture certain Pokemon. They could focus on rare Pokemon, or hire themselves and their skills out for other trainers and track specific Pokemon for those trainers. Some keep the Pokemon they find for themselves, while others track illusive or certain Pokemon to sell in the market. As stated earlier, if this is the case, they often work with a Tamer. The greatest prize for a Hunter is a Legendary Pokemon, and though many have sought the illusive beasts, none have been successful in obtaining one so far.

~Trainer Types~ 440Other-Destined~Trainer Types~ 440
If a character doesn't fit any of the classes above, they are seen as other-destined. Here lies the artists, explorers, civilians, and anyone else who doesn't want to focus on battling or the likes. Of course, if a trainer class is later created that fits them, then they can become that class and move out of the other-destined classification. This isn't a common group, but still open for any character that wants to go above the norm.

Now, wouldn't it be interesting if I pulled your strings?

Caught a Dark or Light Pokemon? PM me and I'll be happy to get a 3D model altered and made for you ;3

~Trainer Types~ Avaritiasig_zpsf6e3d932
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~Trainer Types~
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