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 Stevie Hale

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PostSubject: Stevie Hale   Stevie Hale EmptySat Oct 04, 2014 12:39 pm

Basic Information

Stevana Hale




Trainer Type

Lavender Town, Kanto

Physical Information

Stevie's a little on the short side, but apart from this, she has a little under the average weight, so is, ultimately, slim. Having a fair complexion, she is subject to having a few spots and blemishes every now and again, but never very many, and even then, they're hardly noticeable. Speaking of skin, she does have a few freckles adorning her nose and cheeks, as well as a few on her elbows and knee caps, all of which can be subject to multiply when the sun's out. Those that she gains will soon disappear once the sun's been gone for a while, however, and her freckle count will return to normal. As for hair, hers is a natural auburn-red colour, although it's clearly more red than it is brown. Her hair falls halfway down her back, and is slightly wavy, as well as being extremely layered, cut into a choppy, spiky style. The spiky, 'cute-but-dangerous' look is completed with a swept side fringe that covers one of her eyes. Her eyes are a greyish blue, but unless you're leaning in really close, they give off the impression that they're a purplish grey colour.

Stevie Hale F09C63D37D00907E240345F13DDBB151_B250_400_250_420
(Not entirely accurate, but pretty good nonetheless. I found this on google, and am not entirely sure who was the original artist.)



Common Attire
Atop her mass of spiky red hair are some steampunk-style goggles with orange lenses, which is presumably more of an accessory than something she actually uses.  As for clothes, she's usually seen sporting a burnt orange t-shirt—which matches the lenses of her goggles—with a pair of denim dungaree shorts over the top. As well as this, she has grey blue (matching her eye colour) socks which pull up to a little under her knee, and denim converse-style sneakers on her feet.

Formal Wear
No matter where she is, she'll always be seen with her goggles atop her head, but under more formal circumstances, her clothes do tend to change. In said situations, she'll usually wear some sort of blue, sleeveless denim dress, the colour of which would match her dungarees. Around her waist, she'll have a burnt orange ribbon, which supposedly substitutes for an actual belt. As well as this, her hair may be tied up in some way with a ribbon to match this 'belt'. Although, her hair's so spiky, tying it up well and unmessily is quite a feat! Instead of long socks, she'll wear shorter, ankle length ones, but will still be seen with her denim sneakers.

Personality and Traits

Stevie is extremely self-confident, loving to talk to others and hopefully making them laugh with her kooky, quirky antics. Free-spirited, she doesn't have a care in the world for what others think about her, and will always strive to be herself, no matter what. After all, what's the fun in pretending to be someone else? Although she strives to make others happy, she's by no means an optimist, and so negative emotions can catch her out sometimes, like with most other people.

Level-headed, smart, and extremely witty, she's quite the mischievous one, and her antics can sometimes be considered boyish by most adults. For example, getting muddy or chipping a nail means nothing to her, and as long as a situation's enjoyable, she wouldn't even care if a Pokémon pooped on her head.

However, although she has a cheery, talkative disposition, she can be very sensitive sometimes, especially if she's disappointed a friend. Because she absolutely loves seeing her friends happy, seeing them anything but happy—especially if it involves her—can really put her down in the dumps. If it's nothing about her, she'll obviously try to make them content once more, but if the situation involves her, what more can she do than say sorry and hope they forgive her?

Adoring fan of Pokémon, Stevie has been yearning to go on an adventure as a Pokémon trainer since she could utter "gotta catch 'em all" (which was admittedly about two years into her life). Because of this, she's always been quite independent when it involves her parents, as she'd prefer to sort herself out, like she'd have to when she finally one day did go on her adventure.

Confidence ~ Stevie has plenty of confidence in herself and everything she does, but actually isn't over-confident, meaning that she's also good with plotting strategies to help her out.
Smarts ~ Clever and witty, she believes her smartness will come in handy when battling, and so looks forward to everything!
Free-spirit ~ Stevie has a good sense of self, and knows herself very well. If other people judge her and don't accept her for who she is, she doesn't care one bit, and won't let those people get her down or tell her she's worthless. Instead, she'll simply keep her distance, or stand up to them. Much simpler, right?
Determination ~ This is a trait that's brought her this far, and she hopes that it'll help her become a Champion someday!
Friendly ~ She loves making people happy, and isn't judging at all. Overall, a welcoming face, who'd love to try new things that you'd like to do!

Dishonest at times ~ If honesty is best policy, dishonesty is second best policy, right? She's in no way an all-out liar, but a small white lie wouldn't matter if it stopped her friends from getting hurt or something, yeah?
Unreliable ~ Because she wants to make as many friends as she can—and usually succeeds—she sometimes has to make compromises with who she goes to visit or talks to more often. If she doesn't come to meet you, she's likely got distracted, or has completely forgot. If she doesn't realise that you're upset by this, she'll simply think you're fine and dandy, and may just keep doing it, because she isn't aware that you mind.
Over ambitious? ~ When this one dreams, she dreams big. Yup, she wants to be a Pokémon Champion, Master, All Those Big Capital Words! This can be a good thing which will drive her to work very hard, but maybe she's a little over ambitious sometimes. Heck, she's even mentioned her interest in being the Champion of two regions at once!
Over-works ~ Due to her ambitions, she can over-work herself sometimes, and usually won't listen when someone asks her to take a break, believing that they're saying they don't think she'll make it, or wants to bring her down.
Sensitive sometimes ~ When someone's upset with her, or is disappointed in her—especially if they're a friend—she'll usually opt for being upset as well. What happens if they don't forgive her?

Striving Goal
To be a Pokémon Champion; possibly even a Master! Catching various Pokémon, befriending them and watching them grow, as well as training them to be the best they can be is what drives Stevie and wakes her up in the morning. Along with this, she'd love to travel around to different regions, and wants to see as many places, people and Pokémon as she can!

Greatest Fear
Being alone is Stevie's greatest fear. Although she's happy with herself, and says she doesn't care what others think, she can't help but feel worried. What if nobody likes her, and she drives everyone away, simply by being herself? What if her Pokémon abandon her, too, because they dislike her as a trainer? Having nobody and nothing to support her seems like an awful fate to the young girl, and it really does terrify her, which is why when she does make friends, she loves to keep them happy and smiling. Y'know, wanting to be around her.

Path of Origins
Born in the small Lavender Town of Kanto, the flowers and divine fragrances that they emitted could only interest Stevie for so long. Ever since she was very little, she'd been fixated with the idea of catching Pokémon, becoming a trainer, and going on an adventure, exploring far and wide.

As well as this, the idea of becoming well known appealed to her, as everyone knew everyone in Lavender Town, as it was a pretty small place. Stevie wanted to become famous for doing something amazing, like becoming a Champion! Of course, this also meant that she had to put in loads of hard work, and decided when she was five that whilst on her adventures, she'd work and train real hard!

Neither of her parents owned any Pokémon, much to her distaste, so she'd usually venture outside in the garden, searching around for any little Poké-buddy that she could befriend. This proved quite unsuccessful, as most were wild and untamed, and didn't like being so close to a human, so naturally, they kept their distance. This made her rather upset, as she immediately blamed herself, and started not going outside as frequently.

That is, until an unlikely day when she was seven, and she witnessed a Pidgey falling from the sky. Dashing outside, almost toppling over on her way, she laid the bird on her lap, accessing the damage. It appeared to have a fractured wing. Determined to help the poor thing, she researched ways of healing broken wings, and nursed the bird back to health completely independently, hiding the creature from her parents by keeping him underneath her bed.

This bird was too ill to be vicious. Whilst it was wary of her at first, when the bird realised that Stevie only wanted to help, he warmed up to her significantly, letting her nurse him back to health. When she set him free on a Friday afternoon, he was reluctant to leave, gazing skyward as he perched on her outstretched arm. When he did take off, he came back and nuzzled into her neck as a goodbye and thank you, before then soaring skywards.

That Pidgey officially restored her faith in Pokémon, as she came to terms with the fact that most wild ones were simply wary of all humans, and that she'd done nothing wrong all those countless times before; the Pokémon had just been scared and cautious.

It also restored her faith in her dream. Yes, Stevana Hale wants to be a Pokémon Master!

((Worked my butt off on this. Hope it's alright!))
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PostSubject: Re: Stevie Hale   Stevie Hale EmptyTue Oct 07, 2014 11:25 am

It's definitely alright, I enjoyed reading it :3


Now, wouldn't it be interesting if I pulled your strings?

Caught a Dark or Light Pokemon? PM me and I'll be happy to get a 3D model altered and made for you ;3

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