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PostSubject: ~FAQ~   ~FAQ~ EmptyTue Jun 17, 2014 12:18 pm

This FAQ will be updated as important questions become asked. Be sure to check here before you ask a question, you may just find that it's already been answered! Also, be sure to check out the newcomer's guide if you're wondering how to get started!

Q: My character's been approved, but they don't have items or Pokemon listed. How do I get them?
A: It's quite simple. You'll receive your Pokemon and items via roleplay by placing a topic in the town/city that contains the Pokemon Lab in your region of choice. These towns will also have a stickied message that contains a list of starters that you can receive from the Lab. There's also the ability to take an Ultra Ball instead of a listed starter and capture your first Pokemon on your own or with the help of another trainer! It is possible to influence your choice if this is the case by doing so in your character's history and coordinating a plot about it with your Mod, however, it is NOT a guarantee that your selected Pokemon will appear for you, especially if you're too vague or rushed within the history. It's just a means of influence, the only guaranteed starters are the ones given out by the professors. (Labs and their respective info topics are located in these towns: Pallet Town, New Bark Town, Littleroot Town, Sandgem Town, Nuvema Town, and Lumiose City.)

Q: Is there a set direction of travel for my characters?
A: No, Legacies tries to keep everything unique and open for roleplay. You can move your character anywhere you'd like in any order you'd like, so long as you keep things logical! If you're travelling from one region to another, your character probably didn't walk there. Explain your travel, and you'll be just fine. However, Gym Leader's teams and levels are set to those in the game, so if you grab your starter and head to the eighth gym, well, things may not work out so well for you.

Now, wouldn't it be interesting if I pulled your strings?

Caught a Dark or Light Pokemon? PM me and I'll be happy to get a 3D model altered and made for you ;3

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