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 Pokemon Information

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PostSubject: Pokemon Information   Pokemon Information EmptyWed May 28, 2014 1:42 pm

There are a variety of Pokemon that can be found throughout the regions, all with differing rarities. Other than the first listed, all are extremely rare. The Researchers of the world are always exploring and finding new discoveries, so these are only the Pokemon that are known to exist in the world, who knows what else is hiding out there!

Pokemon Information 001
The most common Pokemon to inhabit the world are just referred to as Pokemon. They're just as great and useful as the other Pokemon on this list, but some seem to feel them less valuable because of their abundance. A good trainer will know that just because something is common, doesn't mean the individual Pokemon isn't unique!

Pokemon Information 001
Shiny Pokemon
Shiny Pokemon are just like their normal counterparts, just extremely rare and a different color! There is no difference in power, or anything else, they are mainly just a really cool bragging right.

Indicating Symbol:  Pokemon Information 2953026135 

Pokemon Information 001
Delta Species
Delta Species are also extremely rare, but don't differ in color, making them somewhat hard to distinguish between their normal counterparts. Instead, they differ in type. This means that you may catch, for the sake of an example, an Electric type Absol. This Absol would have the same moveset and learnset of a normal Absol, but would have different weaknesses, due to the changing in type. This would change the Absol to have a weakness to Ground attacks, but no longer a weakness to Fighting, and so forth. Delta Species are as rare, or even rarer, than Shinies. A Delta Species CAN learn any TM pertaining to their new type on top of their usual TM learnset.

Indicating Symbol:  Pokemon Information 3018722195 [The new type will be put inside brackets alongside it]

Pokemon Information Darkpokemonex_zps771dc709
Dark Pokemon
Dark Pokemon are somewhat a combination of Shiny and Delta Species Pokemon. These illusive creatures have a black tinted color and tend to be darker and more shadowy than their normal counterparts. They also tend to have a slightly heightened attack along with almost always being nocturnal. Their typing gains the Dark typing if they're monotype (such as Squirtle becoming Water/Dark) and will lose one typing to be replaced by Dark if they're a duel-type (such as Bulbasaur going from Grass/Poison to Grass/Dark). All of their weaknesses will change to fit the new type. Their attacks will be less powerful than a normal Pokemon against any Light Pokemon.

Indicating Symbol:  Pokemon Information 2426637247 

Pokemon Information Lightpokemonex_zps2f2b81b1
Light Pokemon
Light Pokemon are the balance to Dark Pokemon. They seem to be drawn to kind-hearted trainers and love days where the sun is at full peak. Color-wise, they're always lighter than their normal counterparts, and are typically cast in a golden glow. They will always be slightly more powerful against Dark Pokemon than normal Pokemon. Moves that benefit others, such as Heal Pulse or Helping Hand, when used by a Light Pokemon will have greater effect than they usually would. Light Pokemon also have larger health than a typical Pokemon of the same species.

Indicating Symbol:  Pokemon Information 2736651422 

Pokemon Information Albinoexample_zpsrr5jlbrs
Albino Pokemon
New to Legacies are albino Pokemon. They are an odd variant of Pokemon that lack the normal pigment the usually colorizes it. Because of this, they remain a light shade of white while having glaring red eyes. Just as rare or even more so than a shiny, they aren't a common occurrence within the wild. They do differ slightly from other Pokemon, as the weather does effect them. They are highly sensitive to light and sun, causing them to be weak when it is sunny or in the highest points within the day. Though this is a hindrance, they can also be pure gold for trainers who want Pokemon to stand out, such as Coordinators. Albino Pokemon are often a show stopper due to their rarity, and extra points will be geared toward appeal!

Indicating Symbol:  Albino 

Pokemon Information Hybridexample_zpsr1v1yusu
Hybrid Pokemon
Hybrid Pokemon are the rarest occurrence on Legacies. It's a treat just to see one, and they never appear wild or naturally. Instead, with every egg bred, there is a tiny chance that it will hatch into a Hybrid. This will only be able to occur between parents at maximum happiness as well as parents with similar body types. Pokemon sharing a type are also more likely to produce a Hybrid, but its not impossible for differing types to do so as well. Still, it's a very rare happening, so only the most dedicated of Breeders may have a shot.

Hybrid Pokemon will retain the evolution method and evolution stages of its most dominant form (such as Bulbasaur in the above sprite), and no two Hybrids are the same even if bred from the same two Pokemon. Their learnsets will consist of both learnsets passed down by their parents (so the above Pokemon would learn everything both Bulbasaur and Paras would learn). If typing becomes conflicted, each parent will pass down their dominant type (So the above would be Grass/Bug, dropping the Poison type it could have inherited from Bulbasaur). Hybrid Pokemon themselves cannot breed.  

Indicating Symbol:  Hybrid   

Now, wouldn't it be interesting if I pulled your strings?

Caught a Dark or Light Pokemon? PM me and I'll be happy to get a 3D model altered and made for you ;3

Pokemon Information Avaritiasig_zpsf6e3d932
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Pokemon Information
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