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 Arenzo “Aren” Saocorazón

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PostSubject: Arenzo “Aren” Saocorazón   Arenzo “Aren” Saocorazón EmptyThu Jun 05, 2014 10:08 pm

|~ General Information ~|
Full Name: Arenzo “Aren” Saocorazón
Nicknames: Aren
Curr. Age: 19 Years Old
Ch Gender: Male
Birthplace: Opelucid City, Unova Region
Ch Ranking: Hunter / Other-Destined

|~ Appearance ~|
~ General / Physical ~
Aren is not the strongest; however, he is not the weakest. He has some muscle, but not too much. He is about an average height of five feet and nine inches. Some have estimated that he weighs a little over one hundred and fifty pounds, though he is honestly one hundred and forty. He has hair that is neither too long nor to short, reaching down to a stopping point one half his neck length. His hair is a dark black, and near the edges of his hair it is colored a mixture of red and black (crimson). He looks like he has a bit of a tan.

On his left arm is an abnormality. Starting from his shoulder, spanning all the way to his hand, there are thick black lines clearly visible in his skin. The primary line spans from the top of his shoulder, down the outside of his arm and to his wrist-line. It splits into three; one line to his index finger's nail; another to the nail on his middle finger; and a third to the nail of his ring finger. his fingernails are all a bit longer on his left hand, their coloring pure black. They are curved inward a bit, and somehow durable and sharp at the tips.

Though not often, rarely some mention Aren's left eye turning purely blue as though something was watching him through the eye. He has not personally witnessed this event, though he has been told that the eye has a distinct, white pupil during these short spans of time.

~ Typical Attire ~
Aren wears usual attire. His pants are a light-brown as though a faded tan, stretching down to his shoes. A bit of the attire stretches over the shoe creating a slight amount of sagging. He wears, around his waist, a black belt. This belt is hidden by the dark-red shirt that he wears over it, as the shirt is a bit big for him. He wears a black button shirt above this dark-red shirt, the latter's sleeves a bit longer than the former. The black shirt has red designs stamped onto it in the form of what some distinguish as flames, and others as dragons. Aren keeps two buttons fastened on the shirt; the first is one below the top one; and the other directly below the first. Aren's shoes are strapped instead of tied, and are a dark-grey to pair with his buttoned shirt.

On his right ring finger is a silver ring. The center of the band is sapphire, the outside lining silver metal. In a few locations of the ring there are miniature gray stripes, silver holding the sapphire in place. On the outside of his pants, on the right side, there is a small chain connected to a belt loop on one end, and on the other something inside of his pocket that he rarely thinks about.

~ Formal Attire ~
Aren's formal attire is the same as his typical attire. His outside was chosen partially due to its partial formality in nature, and he doesn't really attend formal events that much.

|~ Characterization ~|
~ Personality ~
Aren is a kind heart, though he doesn't like to be fooled. He is a bit trusting of others, not typically deeming someone dangerous or cruel until he himself witnesses the cruel action or "senses" it on his own. He may stop to give those in distress a hand, not liking to see others in distress unless, in some way, it will result better for them to experience it. He doesn't pick many friends, though those he does have his trust and ear when needed. He likes being logical about a few things, but not a majority of the time. He is not that generous towards strangers, only giving to others when he has spare or doesn't really require what he has anymore. He tries not to lose his temper often, though can be a bit misunderstanding. He doesn't like to work too much unless absolutely necessary.

He becomes confused sometimes when he rests, ending up waking up and spending the entire night (or day) awake for his own reasons. Sometimes he ponders the dream he had, and other times will work to distract himself, though it depends upon the dream.

~ Striving Goal ~
Aren strives to determine the source of the abnormality of his arm, as well as the source of his dreams. He also wishes to discover the purpose of his eye's random changing.

Other than the primary goal, he wishes to train canine pokemon and those that are serpentine. He finds interest and trust in them the most, aspiring to be a professional trainer (gym leader or elite four member).

~ Lifetime Fear ~
Aren fears being tossed away (to jail) in isolation with no one around. He doesn't want to see anyone perish or be seriously harmed by his own hands either.

~ Strengths ~
1. Aren's near ungenerous and "sensing" nature towards strangers has helped him to either aid others or himself in different scenarios.
2. Aren can be motivational around others when speaking what he wishes to be and demonstrates his capability to do such.
3. The focus that Aren can exhibit may help him during battle scenarios. His partial-logical nature even furthers this, leading him to different and useful battle strategies each time he fights.

~ Weaknesses ~
1. Aren can be unreasonable, and can be easily triggered when someone treads recklessly in their speech when regarding his abnormalities or dreams.
2. Aren suppresses his feelings sometimes when the situation is overbearing. This could lead him to reckless decisions that he later regrets or wants to change.
3. His nature to help can often go astray. This leads Aren to punishment or harm from strangers that he was only trying to help.

~ Natural Ability ~:

|~ Historical Archive ~|

PT 1:

PT 2:
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PostSubject: Re: Arenzo “Aren” Saocorazón   Arenzo “Aren” Saocorazón EmptyFri Jun 06, 2014 4:59 pm

With the power invested in me by the State of Insanity, I declare this character approved~

Now, wouldn't it be interesting if I pulled your strings?

Caught a Dark or Light Pokemon? PM me and I'll be happy to get a 3D model altered and made for you ;3

Arenzo “Aren” Saocorazón Avaritiasig_zpsf6e3d932
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Arenzo “Aren” Saocorazón
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