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 Site-Wide Rules

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Site-Wide Rules Empty
PostSubject: Site-Wide Rules   Site-Wide Rules EmptySun May 25, 2014 9:23 pm

Currently, these are a WIP and are subject to change. Because of this, be sure to check back if any update notification is posted below.

<----User Rules---->

  • You are permitted to have one account, and one account only. If there's some sort of circumstance that causes need for a second account, discuss it with an Administrator, and you can be pardoned from this rule.
  • Any username created that is defamatory, attempts to impersonate a staff member, or inappropriate will be deleted with no questions asked.
  • Similarly, any profile information, avatar, or signature with the above offenses will be altered or deleted and the member who has made it will be punished accordingly.
  • You may not harass, abuse, or attempt to humiliate any member. We aren't too strict, so friendly banter between members (so long as they're all okay with it) is okay as long as it doesn't become flame or defamatory. If you've witnessed or experienced any of this harassment, please contact a staff member.
  • You may not post any illegal content, sexual material, or curse profusely. All terms and services you agreed to upon registration are binding, and you will be punished for breaking them. Not that any of us have read them...
  • If you have been banned, wait out the term. Do not try to use other means to access the site, such as another account or a proxy, as we will keep our eyes out for them. If you're caught, your punishment will only worsen ten-fold, so it's best not to try to get around it at all.
  • Avatars and signatures should be kept at a reasonable size. If any are seen as too big, they will be removed by the staff. If you believe your signature may be too big, put it within a Spoiler and it will be fine.
  • The staff will NEVER ask you for your password or other information. We will never have use for it, and if you are approached by someone who says they need it, contact the staff immediately.

<----Posting Rules---->

  • Any post that is deemed inappropriate, spam, or flame will be deleted without question. They won't be replied to or acknowledged other than a potential staff warning through PM. All of these aren't allowed on the forum.
  • Text language, l33t speak, or short-handed words are not permitted in posts. Though they are tolerated in the Chatbox, it would be best if you don't use any of them all together.
  • Please do your best to use all proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar while making your posts. We understand if English isn't your first language, or something is preventing you from posting entirely cleanly, but just try to do your best. If your entire character application is in full caps, no caps at all, or is ridden with jumbled words and spellings that don't make sense, it will be ignored by the staff, as will other messages like it in various other places.
  • You may not use excessive cursing or caps abuse in any post. Just as in the first rule of this section, posts with this will be deleted without question.
  • Be courteous to the thread you're posting in. If the author specifically states that they don't want anyone posting in it, as an example, then don't post in it.

<----Other Rules---->

  • Please put a link to your characters in your signature once they've been approved. It makes everything more convenient for the staff.
  • If you're reading this, which I assume you are, then PM me a message containing the word 'breadsticks' for a hefty reward. Shhh, don't tell anyone.
  • The staff word is law. And if that fails, my word is. If you're having a problem with a staff member, or any other major problem/conflict has arisen with no sign of a clean ending through different staff assistance or member's help, send me a PM. I am here to help.
  • Have fun! This site, after all, is meant for fun and entertainment above all else. These rules are just here to keep it that way.

Now, wouldn't it be interesting if I pulled your strings?

Caught a Dark or Light Pokemon? PM me and I'll be happy to get a 3D model altered and made for you ;3

Site-Wide Rules Avaritiasig_zpsf6e3d932
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Site-Wide Rules
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